This image of Concord's Old North Bridge was the lead photo of the first edition of The Concord Bridge on October 21, 2022. Photo Cris VanDyke

Concord, come cross The Bridge

You’ve heard the rumor: local journalism is dying.

We beg to differ.

Welcome to The Concord Bridge, created by Concord people for Concord people, with an eye toward informing readers about the news they need in their community — not buying up local newspapers and laying off staff.

It’s so unusual that it’s rather revolutionary at this stage in the news business. But where better than Concord, Massachusetts to start a revolution?

Our revolution means we believe in news evolution. For readers who prefer the feel of newsprint in (and on) their hands, we have a weekly print edition. How can you get it? We are delivering The Concord Bridge directly to your mailbox every Friday, no subscription needed. That’s every household in Concord — all 8,700 of them.

But maybe you’re a digital native, someone who wants breaking news as it happens and a shot of Concord with their morning coffee. For you, there’s, our website that looks just as pretty on your phone as it does on a computer screen.

What will we be covering? All the news you need, from the decisions being made in local government, seasonal events, businesses, the arts scene, schools, and most importantly, the interesting people of Concord.

As more local newspapers fade away, here are a few things to consider:

  • Studies have repeatedly shown that strong local news coverage builds strong communities and increases voter turnout. 
  • Pew Research Center analysts have found that only a quarter of U.S. adults say they always vote in local elections, and those represent people who stay informed through local news. 
  • Access to local news is also linked to greater civic engagement and voter turnout for young adults as well as their older counterparts.

Journalism, it is said, is the first rough draft of history. We all know Concord’s influence on American history.

Let’s see where this rough draft takes us.