Stevens takes job as transportation manager

By Betsy Levinson -
October 20, 2022

Erin Stevens, the town’s communications manager, has moved to a newly created office in the Planning and Land Management Department as Transportation Manager.

“I have been working for Concord for the past five years as the Town’s Public Information and Communications Manager,” Stevens said. “While working hard to help communicate with Concord’s citizens and increase the ways people receive and the effectiveness of information, planning and sustainability have continually been passions of mine.

She said her new role “will allow me to utilize more of my background, my varied skill sets, and is an exciting and challenging new path to be on here in Concord.”

Stevens will continue to address the town’s multi-modal transportation options, safer streets, and working to ensure that Concord transportation options mirror the diverse needs as a community and a region.

“There are lofty goals that have been laid out by the community in Concord’s Long Range Plan, Sustainability Action Plan, and the Transportation Advisory Committee’s goals that I feel confident we can make significant progress towards,” she said. “I look forward to continuing to work with our community and regional partners to ensure we have more low-carbon and safe transportation options.”

To reach Erin, email: