Isen throws support to Cataldo

By Joyce Isen
October 27, 2022

I’m writing today in support of Concord’s own Simon Cataldo, the Democratic candidate for State Rep in the 14th Middlesex District. People say you learn a lot about candidates from the way they run their campaign. They’re right.

As an early campaign volunteer, I saw Simon direct a professional operation to be proud of: positive, ethical, strategic, well organized. His confidence and trust in the many young people he welcomed into the fold—including his campaign manager and field director—were evident and well placed. I found him to be an excellent communicator, always respectful and responsive. He possesses a keen intellect, wisdom based on intelligence and experience, and a big heart.

Over the past 15 months Simon and his team knocked on tens of thousands of doors, engaging in conversations with residents throughout the district. He got to know elected officials in the district’s four member towns and attended municipal committee and board meetings. He also met with sitting state reps, building trust and forming good relationships with these future colleagues. Listening attentively, being collegial, and embracing hard work are his hallmarks.

Simon’s priorities are ours: climate and environment, infrastructure, education, integrity in government, reproductive rights, and mental and behavioral health. His background in environmental science, inner city teaching, running a national nonprofit, and prosecuting public corruption with the DOJ has prepared him to be an effective and inclusive advocate for us. (Learn more at

Please vote for Simon early in person at the Concord Town House Oct. 22 – Nov. 4 or at your precinct polling place on Election Day, Nov. 8.