Who are those mysterious creatures roaming Concord?

By Anne Lehmann - Correspondent
October 30, 2022

The pigs arrived during the doldrums of Covid-19.

There were three of them, of course — don’t all pigs travel in trios? They capered through Concord, dancing and waving as residents honked their car horns and laughed at the sight.

Behind the inflatable costumes were Concord residents Sandy Nash, Wendy Page and Hilary Robinson, who decided that perhaps the best way to fight off a pandemic was to put on a mask…as part of a giant inflatable costume.

“It is fun to provide a bit of shock value in town but even more fulfilling to be a happy surprise for anyone in our  paths,” Robinson said.

The pig costumes were followed by giant flamingos and continued with mice (were the three blind? Only they know for sure).

For this year’s caper, downtown Concord, as well as Newbury Court, found themselves the victim of a Great White attack. Who says sharks are limited to Cape Cod?

“Proud to be the one giving the shark a high five,” joked Matt Boger, who was targeted while in his car at the corner of Walden and Main streets.

As the shark pack moved around the rotary, they were discovered by a rehearsing school band.

“All of a sudden, while we were in our shark costumes the band begins to play the theme to the movie Jaws,” Page said. “Dun Na Dun Na!”