Jill Goldman-Callahan
Jill Goldman-Callahan

Goldman-Callahan resurrects art shows at Trinity

November 16, 2022

The Gallery at Trinity Episcopal Church in Concord is pleased to return to showing art on the walls of our Parish Hall.  The current show, paintings by Jill Goldman-Callahan, is on display until early December.

Goldman-Callahan presents paintings in the genre of contemporary lyrical abstraction. Shelters, bodies or landscapes emerge as she seeks a symbolic representation of her interior territory. Her aim is not just to depict, but to bestow. She aspires to the voice of an echo, the memory of stone, the secrets of water.

Thomas Moore, the author of Care of The Soul, describes her work as, “Not a painting of, but a peek into.”

This Piece is called Neighborhood. It is about the Pandemic and the closeness that I felt to my neighbors, sometimes the only people I saw for weeks. The shapes represent the different houses and small interactions passing on the street that kept me emotionally nourished. Just knowing there were people nearby outside of my home and seeing their smiling faces got me through the winter.

She makes many of her own pigments, inks from walnuts boiled overnight, crushed coffee beans marinated for days, ash from her home fire, and hammered desert stones. 

For Goldman-Callahan, making art and making meaning with art has been essential since childhood. She earned a BA in Fine Art and Anthropology from Bennington College and a Masters in Art Therapy from Lesley University. She recently retired as an art educator in the Wellesley Schools and now works as an art mentor and studio artist. She raised her family in Acton and has lived here for 30 years. You can visit her in her studio, 303, at the Umbrella in Concord. https://www.jillgoldman-callahanstudio.com

 The gallery is generally open Monday-Friday 9 am – 5 pm, unless there is something special happening.  It is wise to call the Church Office Administrator, Beth Confrancisco at 978-369-3715, ext. 10 to confirm the gallery is open and available.