Audubon welcomes all visitors to Brewster’s Woods

November 22, 2022

Coverage in The Concord Bridge about the recent Community Open House at Mass Audubon’s Brewster’s Woods Wildlife Sanctuary provided a broad picture of the wildlife sanctuary’s current status and future plans. We do want to take this opportunity to correct some of the information that was presented, including in the headline.

Brewster’s Woods visitation is not “by appointment only.” We encourage everyone to explore and enjoy its trails, habitats, and wildlife.

Eventually, when renovation of the sanctuary’s facilities is complete, we envision a timed-entry parking system during periods of high visitation. This plan is being developed specifically in light of listening sessions and communications with neighbors concerned about traffic on Balls Hill Road.

During the pandemic, Mass Audubon and other conservation groups put in place timed-entry parking systems at selected properties, which proved successful in balancing access and safety for everyone. We believe a timed-entry system will meet any such concerns at Brewster’s Woods while also spreading out attendance so that all can enjoy a peaceful time in nature.

We also would like to clarify that we definitely welcome children to enjoy the sanctuary with their families, and that our plans include a research field station that continues the deep observation and study of the environment in the tradition of William Brewster and Henry David Thoreau.

We are excited to welcome all visitors to Brewster’s Woods, and encourage people to view our trail map and sanctuary information at our website

Renata Pomponi
Senior Regional Director,
Metro Boston Mass Audubon