Respect all of Concord’s history

December 9, 2022

The town of Concord is all about history and how sad it is that the history of the Concord Visitor’s Center has been lost. The Concord Business Partnership and many others, including Annabelle Shepherd, worked tirelessly and against all odds to bring that building to fruition. The visitor’s center is a gem in our town center where we can share the important role Concord played in the history of our country. We welcome visitors from all over the world with information and clean bathrooms.

There was a plaque inside the visitor center with the names of those whose leadership and contributions paved the way for it to become a reality. Without those people the Concord Visitor’s Center would not exist. How sad that the plaque from the 2002 dedication has been removed and the history of those proud Concordians and their efforts has been lost.

Kristen Gurall