‘The mystery of the blood curdling screaming’ solved

December 9, 2022

I am so thankful to live in a community that is covered by such great journalism of the big things that matter to little communities.

I also love that The Concord Bridge gives column space to “Time Outdoors.” One thing that makes this community special is its place in the history of conservation. Many of us chose this community because it values open space and respects the environment.

It was really helpful to learn about fishers in this week’s column. Wilson Kerr’s description of how a fisher ambulates through the forest was particularly vivid.

It also answered — once and for all — the mystery of the blood curdling screaming we’ll occasionally hear at night along the wooded northern boundary of the American Mile noted in posts in the Lived or Living in Concord facebook group. It’s probably the red fox and her kits that we have seen on occasion.

Thanks for publishing The Concord Bridge.


David Owen