Wrong sign posted on Estabrook Road story

December 9, 2022

Last week’s edition of The Concord Bridge included a front page article with the headline, “Judge rules in favor of town on public access to Estabrook Road.” The article included a photo with the caption, ‘The “misleading” sign Judge Speicher mentioned in his judgment.’ While Judge Speicher does in fact mention a “misleading” sign, he does not do so in his Judgment 1. The comment actually appears in his Decision, on page 22. Furthermore, the photo of the sign published by The Concord Bridge shows the wrong sign. That sign was not posted anywhere on the Estabrook Trail on the day the judge described seeing the “misleading” sign. The actual sign which Judge Speicher referred to was this sign.

This sign was posted at the head of the Estabrook Trail 4 , and was derived directly from the discontinuance statute that was applied to Estabrook Trail. The statute is reproduced here, with the portions relevant to the sign underlined in red.

The Judge ruled that this statute (with its explicit posting requirement) still applies today, and that the Trail is entirely the private property of the defendants. The published photo and caption in the Concord Bridge incorrectly imply the sign that says the trail is private is “misleading.” The undersigned Estabrook defendants would appreciate The Concord Bridge taking greater care to verify lawsuit information received from the Town before such harmful misinformation about the defendants’ private property – i.e. slander of title – is distributed to every household in Concord.

Brooks Read and Susannah Kay, Estabrook Road

Russell Robb III and Leslee Robb, Monument Street