Concord Business Partnership thanks O’Connor

December 21, 2022

The Concord community came together this week to celebrate retiring Chief Joseph O’Connor’s tenure in Concord. The Concord Business Partnership takes this as an opportunity to express appreciation to the Chief and the Concord Police Department for their partnership in keeping Concord vibrant, protected and welcoming to residents and visitors alike.

Chief O’Connor worked to build a strong relationship between the Concord Police Department and the Concord business community. From the moment the Chief arrived in Concord, he asked questions and listened intently to the business community on how safety could be enhanced. His engagement with the business community included tackling complex issues at the local level (traffic management, parking, large event safety planning, cellular coverage, data protection, Covid response, etc.) to national issues such as diversity, human rights, pandemic responses, school safety and more. 

CBP thanks Chief O’Connor for his service. We wish him all the best in retirement. We look forward to welcoming Interim Chief Thomas Mulcahy to further our shared commitment to a safe and welcoming Concord. 

Tyler Spring, President, Concord Business Partnership

Jennifer Clarke, Executive Director, Concord Business Partnership