Middle School costs may bring senior exodus

January 5, 2023

I constantly read about how Concord values diversity.  This should also include age diversity.  I cannot tell you the number of seniors I know who are considering leaving Concord due to the already sky-high property taxes.  To add additional taxes on top would be untenable. I currently pay close to $25K in taxes, and an additional $2,000 per year (estimate based on value of my home) would be untenable.

I disagree with the previous writer who stated that relief should be given to seniors on fixed income.  Many of us who were not lucky enough to receive pensions ended up investing our 401ks. That would not be included under “fixed income”.

Relief should be considered for all seniors, up to a certain income level.

I also recommend additional value engineering of the middle school project.  Why do they need an expanded auditorium and gymnasium?  How does that enhance learning?

If specific project elements were viewed with the latter in mind, I am sure additional cost savings could be found.


Louise Dutka
Florio Drive