Carmin Reiss to run for reelection as moderator

January 11, 2023

I am pleased to announce that I will seek an eighth one-year term as Concord’s Moderator.  I have been both challenged and rewarded by my service as our town’s Moderator, honored to be entrusted with the preservation and adaptation of our Town Meeting traditions, and grateful for the years of support I have had from my fellow citizens. 

If reelected, my commitment will be to:

  • conduct our Town Meeting to balance our interest in full and fair deliberation on the issues with our interest in respectful and efficient use of citizen and staff time
  • ensure that all Concord citizens feel respected and welcome at Town Meeting
  • serve as a resource for Concord’s boards and committees, staff, citizen petitioners, and citizens at large
  • promote education about and participation in Concord’s Town Meeting

I ask for your continued support at the Annual Town Election on Tuesday, March 28th.

Carmin C. Reiss