Support urged for affordable housing at STM

January 11, 2023

As chairs of the Concord Municipal Affordable Housing Trust, Concord Housing Authority, Concord Housing Development Corporation, and Concord Housing Foundation, we urge voters to approve January 19, 2023 Special Town Meeting Articles 2 and 3 which seek special state legislation for dedicated long-term funding sources for affordable housing in Concord that would not rely on the property tax. Article 2 would authorize a 1% real estate transfer fee on properties sold, exempting the first $1,000,000 of value; and Article 3, a building permit surcharge to be established by the Select Board.  These articles would authorize refiling home rule petitions first approved by 2019 Town Meeting voters as part of the package of proposals to create and fund a municipal affordable housing trust which could act quickly as opportunities arose.

The Housing Production Plan—our proactive strategy for planning and developing affordable housing in Concord which was unanimously adopted by the Select Board and Planning Board in December– includes refiling these home rule petitions for the state’s 2023-2024 legislative session.

We would very much appreciate Concord voters’ continuing support of these measures. Affordable places to live are vital to the future of our community.

Thanks very much.

Keith Bergman, Concord Municipal Affordable Housing Trust chair

Stephanie Chrobak, Concord Housing Authority chair

Lee Smith, Concord Housing Development Corporation chair

Frank “Rich” Feeley, Concord Housing Foundation president