(L) Finn Feist and (R) Kendall Colleran

C-C Nordic Ski teams grabs two wins

The Concord-Carlisle High School Nordic Ski teams opened their Mass Bay West race seasons with two wins each on Jan. 3 and 10 at the Weston Ski Track.

Junior Xander Scopinich-Burgel

For the boys, junior Xander Scopinich-Burgel set the pace for the team and the league, winning comfortably in both races. On Jan. 4, C-C boys won with 478 points to runner ups Wayland (457) and Acton Boxborough (441).  Skiing a short 2.4-kilometer course, Xander led in a time of 6:08. CC claimed fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth to complete the scoring, led by co-captain Jonah Carter in 6:53, frosh Isah Nichol in 7:02, junior Penn Rogers in 7:11, and frosh Adam Synnestvedt in 7:19. Following these were senior Harry Holden at 12th in 7:48 and sophomore Adrien Prioul-Ritz at 17th in 8:04.

On Jan. 3, the C-C girls won with 476 points to runners up AB (429 pts) and Winchester (427 pts). C-C grabbed eight of the top 25 places, four of them among the top seven. Senior co-captain Finn Feist led for C-C placing 2nd in a time of 7:07, junior Sarah Kirincich was third in 7:13, junior Katie Pohlig was 6th in 8:30, frosh Abby Kirincich claimed seventh in 8:33, senior co-captains Molly Branigan and Kendall Colleran followed in 11th and 13th with times of 9:04 and 9:19. Also skiing well for C-C was senior Azalea Feather at 17th in 9:49 and junior Uma Sumnotra at 23rd in 10:22.

On Jan. 10, skiing a 3.6 kilometer course, the boys prevailed with 476 points to runners up Wayland (460 pts) and A-B (444 pts). Xander Scopinich-Burgel won in 8:40, with the following C-C skiers grabbing eight of the top 25 spots: Carter (fourth), Synnestvedt (sixth), Rogers (eighth), Holden (11th), sophomore Marcus Bjerke (17th) and Prioul-Ritz (24th). In the girls race, C-C (477 pts) again led AB (435 pts) and Wayland (430) in the team scoring. C-C’s top finishers were Finn Feist (second, 9:46), Sarah Kirincich (third, 9:55), Abby Kirincich (fourth, 10:16), Katie Pohlig (sixth, 10:54), Azalea Feather (13th, 12:06), Molly Branigan (15th, 12:24) and Kendall Colleran (17th, 12:46).  The teams race every Tuesday at 4 p.m. through Feb. 7 at the Weston Ski Track.