Concord Minute Men step forward for 250th battle anniversary

January 19, 2023

The Concord Minute Men celebrated their 60th annual installation with a dinner at the Wayside Inn in Sudbury on January 14. 

This marks the installation of their new leadership team for the upcoming year. The officers are: Captain – Carl Sweeney, Ensign Adjutant – Julie Beyer, Lieutenant Dr. Stephen Vultaggio, Sergeant Major and Safety officer – Doug Ellis, Ensign Paymaster – Phil Swain, Quartermaster – Colin Chisholm and Music Master – John Arena Jr.

In November, the Minute Men announced that they’re looking for 100 new recruits in advance of the 250th anniversary of the battle. Since then 12 new members signed up so the company is well on its way to having a big showing in 2025!

There is still time to sign up and participate in 2023 events. Imagine being a part of the reenactments and events that will commemorate this important historical event. This is your chance to not just learn about history, but to actively participate in it.

In preparation for their upcoming April events, the group will begin musket drills on Feb. 1, and the fifes and drums meet weekly on Tuesday evenings.

The Concord Minute Men have been a staple in the community for 60 years, their dedication to preserving history through reenactment is a testament to the importance of remembering our past. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to truly become a part of history!