Letter: 8th grader in support of the new middle school

February 12, 2023

I am an 8th grade student at Sanborn Middle School. As much as I would like younger students to have to suffer in the same conditions that I had to, it would be a horrible thing to have more students have to learn in a school like our current middle school. 
We have to learn in classrooms that have dumpsters in them to catch water that is falling from ceiling tiles. If there are not dumpsters in them to catch water, there are trash cans under tiles that have so much water in them, they are bulging down and low enough for students to touch. Sometimes, they remove the tiles, but even if they do, they never replace them. They leave open holes in classrooms.In the gym, we could be playing kickball and when the ball hits the ceiling, pieces of the ceiling fall down and cover the gym floor.
Students need a place to learn where they are not constantly distracted by different aspects that could be dangerous to other students and themselves.
Thank you,

Adalia Pomeroy

8th grader at Concord Middle School