Breaking news: Concord voters pass $7.2M increase to new Middle School

By Betsy Levinson
February 16, 2023

By about 800 votes, the override for additional costs to build a new middle school passed after Thursday’s election, clearing the final hurdle of the two-part process.

The unofficial totals were 2,338 voting for the question, and 1,537 against.

The vote approved approximately $7.2 million to close the budget gap to build a new Middle School, an increase caused by inflated prices for materials and labor since voters gave the nod to $102.8M for the project a year ago.

Across the five precincts, the yes votes outpolled the nos. Across the town, the split ended up being about 60/40, clearing the simple majority needed.

Of Concord’s 13,617 registered voters, 28 percent, or 3,875 cast ballots.

This story will be updating.