Letter: Ukraine Embodies the Spirit of 1775 

March 16, 2023

As everyone knows, brave Ukrainians are fighting for their lives, to retain their freedom and sovereign state, against Russia. The free world has not seen anything like this since the Nazis invaded Poland in 1939. 

The Concord Select Board recognized the connection between the Ukrainian fight for democracy and Concord’s storied history fighting for democracy when, on April 2, 2022, they issued a two-page proclamation in support of Ukraine, concluding:

 “…the Concord Select Board does hereby declare that the struggle and sacrifice of the Ukrainian people shall be recognized in our observance of Patriots Day in April in the year 2022. We invite our residents to welcome representatives of Ukraine to participate in our celebration and urge all freedom-loving people to offer aid and support to the people of Ukraine.” [Emphasis added]

One year later, the people of Ukraine are still fighting for their freedom, democracy and their country and are still enduring immense sacrifices. Concord for Ukraine, a group of Concordians concerned about the situation in Ukraine, applied to the Public Ceremonies and Celebrations Committee (PCCC) to march in the Patriots Day parade and was denied. Why has the Town of Concord apparently withdrawn its support?

Our American history should never be put in a box, unchanging, with no relevance to today’s world. The fight for democracy is a living American and a Concord tradition. 

We encourage the PCCC to revisit their decision to deny Concord for Ukraine’s participation in the Patriots Day parade and allow Concord for Ukraine to march in this year’s parade. The Concord and Lexington Patriots of 1775 would thank you.

Ellen Quackenbush, Concord for Ukraine

Prairie Street