Letter: ‘Everyone should be made to feel welcome.’

April 13, 2023

I had the pleasure to attend the Meriam’s Corner Parade and Ceremonies on April 8, a beautiful, uplifting event on a perfect spring day. Many thanks to all the planners and participants. A lot of work goes into putting together such an event, and we are fortunate to have volunteers in town that step in. The celebration was well attended. No doubt some of the credit goes to The Concord Bridge Calendar for listing the event details.

There was just one portion of the ceremony that I found very troubling. A preacher was in attendance to give a blessing and make closing remarks. I have never understood why we use that format, given that we talk about the separation of church and state, but I appreciate that it is custom. 

The preacher unfortunately was very forceful. I lost track of how many times Jesus Christ came up. I was born and brought up as a Christian but was offended by his words. At a time when we talk about inclusivity in town, it is sad that we must tolerate such speeches. This is a public event, for all people that would like to attend — Concord residents, visitors and passers-by. Everyone should be made to feel welcome. To be fair, my opinion is not the only one. Just before I approached the preacher with my comments, which fell on deaf ears, a couple congratulated him for his faith and love of country.

Annemarie Altman

Laws Brook Road