Letter: Research discovers six additional American Revolution veterans

April 13, 2023

The year 2025 will mark the 250th anniversary of the historic battles of Concord and Lexington. The Select Board established the Concord250 Executive Committee and several subcommittees to mark this. One of the goals is the proper documentation of the men that fought for Concord in the American Revolution. Past research has made great progress on who from Concord fought on April 19. The Subcommittee expanded that inquiry to ask, who fought from Concord during the entire eight years of the war? Who from Concord died in service during the Revolutionary War? Where are they buried?

The research has already yielded a gratifying result. For decades it has been the custom each year, just prior to Patriots’ Day, to place flags at the graves of veterans of the American Revolution. In previous years, Dick Krug, Town of Concord’s Veterans’ Services Officer, placed 77 flags at graves in Main Street Burying Ground, Old Hill Burying Ground, and Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. However, this year, the number will change.

The research of the Subcommittee identified the graves of six American Revolution veterans in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery not previously marked with flags. They are Reuben Ball, Ephraim Brown, Benjamin Hosmer, Thaddeus Blood, Ephraim Farrar and William Mercer.

For the first time in anyone’s memory these six will, in 2023, be honored along with their fellow soldiers. This year 83 flags will be placed next to graves to visually remind us who fought in the American Revolution.

When participating in Patriot’s Day festivities this year, in addition to a pilgrimage to the South and Old Hill Burying Grounds, make sure to visit Sleepy Hollow Cemetery to pay your respects to these newly recognized veterans of the American Revolution.

Beth van Duzer

Granite Post Rd

Concord 250 History & Education Subcommittee Clerk