Letter: Runners, stay out of traffic!

April 13, 2023

Lexie Averick Thompson’s letter to the editor on March 31, addressing the habit of pedestrians of walking with the traffic brings to mind an encounter I had with my aunt Pauline. She was the meter maid in Concord years ago. She had tracked me down and was relieved to find that I was still alive. She had read the police log that morning and learned that an unidentified runner had been hit and killed by a motorist. It turned out that the runner who I often saw running with the traffic in the road, had been running with traffic and into the sun. A motorist, nearly blinded by the morning sun, never saw him and that was that.

In my morning excursions, either on a bike or walking our dog, I have seen several runners running with the traffic. I implore each of you to take Ms. Thompson’s letter to heart and recognize that you are pedestrians and not motorists.

Kenneth D. Anderson

Park Lane