Letter: Raise a glass to departing Vintages owners

May 11, 2023

Our many remarkable business owners help make Concord a wonderful place to live. We are saying goodbye to two of the most remarkable: Eric Broege and Carolyn Kemp of Vintages, Adventures in Wine.

Renowned for their expertise and as friends with some of the world’s greatest winemakers, Eric and Carolyn brought a world-class selection to our small town. Gifted teachers, they taught us why and how to enjoy great wine. Countless Concordians can say that every glass is richer and more interesting thanks to Eric and Carolyn.

Fortunately, Vintages continues in the capable hands of Meghan Elwell.  But, for today, the wine lovers of Concord raise their glasses in thanks to Eric and Carolyn. We’ll miss you.

Paul Gromer

Barretts Mill Road