Letter: The Bridge – filling our need for local journalism

May 26, 2023

Thank you. With each new issue of The Concord Bridge, our new hometown newspaper does a better job proving that every community needs a local paper. The Bridge may have had a rocky start but week by week, it gets better at filling a hole that wasn’t, and probably cannot, be filled by online and broadcast news sources and the Boston Globe.

You are demonstrating the importance of independent journalism focusing on one town. Nowhere else can Concord residents learn about the varied, and sometimes heated, opinions of our neighbors on topics that affect us at grass root level. It’s wonderful to have a paper where we can share our celebrations and read what’s happening regarding local, small businesses, community-based organizations, town government, our schools, the impact on residents of statewide issues, and the life stories of people who are our neighbors.

The odds are against the survival of local newspapers and print journalism in general. May you prove this needed outlet can thrive.

Janet Mendelsohn

Sudbury Road