Boardwalk replacements will close Minute Man National Historical Park trails

June 9, 2023

Sections of the Battle Road Trail will be closed for trail rehabilitation and boardwalk replacement during the summer and fall of 2023 both for safety and protection of the park’s natural and cultural resources.

Signs at trail heads and trail junctions around the closed areas indicate where public entry is prohibited. Public entry into a closed area is a violation of federal regulations 36 CFR 1.5f. 

Sections of Battle Road Trail will remain accessible to the public but the temporary closures will affect the ability to access the trail in its entirety during the project. Trail enthusiasts are encouraged to access the many trails and greenspaces in nearby towns such as the Bay Circuit Trail, Minuteman Bikeway and the Reformatory Branch Trail.

The National Park Service will reopen the closed areas once the projects have been completed. For locations of these temporary closures and estimated closure dates visit the park’s website at

Minute Man National Historical Park will receive approximately $27 million from late fall 2022 through 2025 from the Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA) to address maintenance backlog challenges for the park’s buildings, structures, landscape, trails, signage and monuments. This multi-year improvement project will include historic structures and landscape improvements such as preserving stone walls and improving views and vistas.