Letter: Warner Pond changes would upset ecological balance

June 29, 2023

I am writing to express my concern and opposition regarding the proposed removal of the dam at Warner’s Pond. As a concerned citizen and advocate for environmental conservation, yes it’s a man-made pond, I believe it is crucial to reconsider this decision due to the following reasons:

1. Biodiversity Preservation: Warner’s Pond and its dam provide a unique habitat for diverse plant and animal species. We know this and I live on the pond. Removing the dam could disrupt the delicate ecological balance, potentially leading to the loss of numerous species that rely on the pond for their survival, like the beaver 🦫 and more in my blog.

2. Water Resource Management: The dam at Warner’s Pond contributes to the sustainable management of our water resources. It helps maintain a consistent water level, prevents erosion, and has served as a crucial water source for surrounding vegetation, wildlife and the local community for over a hundred years. I know it’s an economic reason, finding etc. I’m asking for a middle ground in another debate.

3. Recreational Value: Warner’s Pond is not just an ecological asset but also an important recreational area. Fishing, boating, ice skating and other water-based activities are enjoyed by many residents and visitors. Removing the dam would significantly impact recreational opportunities and diminish the overall quality of life for the community. Ask the West Concord neighborhood.

4. Historical and Cultural Significance: The dam at Warner’s Pond holds historical and cultural significance for our community. It has been an integral part of our heritage for generations, contributing to the character and charm of the area. Preserving the dam would allow future generations to connect with their past and maintain a sense of place. My point of view is very different. I came from the city and moved here seven years ago. But the stores, here from generations, support my strong enthusiasm.

Considering the environmental, recreational, and cultural significance of the dam at Warner’s Pond, I kindly request that you reconsider the removal plans. I urge you to explore alternative solutions that address any concerns while preserving this valuable ecosystem.

Greg Theriault 

Wright Road