Select Board preps for 2025 — and its price tag

By Celeste Katz Marston
July 13, 2023

Concordians are thinking ahead to 2025’s 250th commemoration of the town’s spotlight moment in the American Revolution — and in the meantime, members of the Select Board are also keeping an eye on the price tag. 

At Monday’s meeting, Board Member Terri Ackerman asked Chair Henry Dane if there would soon be an update on “event timetables and budgets” for the major celebration. 

“We’ve gone through a major reorganization in the last couple of weeks to professionalize the portion of the activity that is involved in the parades for the 2024 and ‘25,” Dane said. “The 2025 committee will be much more involved by the formation of a parade subcommittee which will work with the public celebrations committee on those events.”

Ackerman said she was less worried about immediate updates, but “especially concerned about preparing to go to Town Meeting next year and how the budget is tracking.”

“I more than you,” said Dane, who is chair of the Concord 2025 Executive Committee.

The Board agreed to have its next update in the coming weeks. 

Earlier this spring, as the Bridge previously reported, Dane released 250-related budget projections showing $494,700 for fiscal year 2024, just over $1.55 million for FY25, and $1.6 million for FY26. Preliminary revenue estimates stood at $800,000 for FY2024; $1.25M for FY2025 and $50,000 for FY2026.