Gary Clayton, left, and Rob Munro are the new co-chairs of the Concord250 Executive Committee. Photo by Jennifer Loird Paluzzi

Countdown to Concord250: Meet the new co-chairs

By Betsy Levinson
October 5, 2023

Gary Clayton and Rob Munro are the new co-chairs of the Concord250 Executive Committee after former Chairman Henry Dane stepped down from the role. He remains on the committee. 

The co-chairs said the organization is picking up speed and sharpening its focus. Before the end of the year, they hope to sign an intermunicipal agreement with the neighboring towns of Lexington, Lincoln and Arlington, which have committees of their own to recognize the events of April 1775.  

Clayton said Concord250 has approximately $700,000 now, a portion of which will form Concord’s share of the four-town planning effort. The rest of the money will likely be spent on public safety, he said. 

Once the IMA is signed, the towns will hire a firm to handle planning and coordination for the events in each location to minimize overlap and concurrent activities. 

Munro said the Executive Committee will also “solidify partnerships with community groups,” such as Concord’s various arts organizations and schools. 

“We are encouraged by the community involvement so far,” said Munro. 

The Executive Committee has 13 members and two at-large representatives, with more than 50 people in the larger organization.  

Munro said a master calendar of events is in the works. 

“We’re working on populating it now,” he said. 

Fundraising “is in the early stages,” noted Clayton. He said he is talking to state and federal officials about supporting the four-town celebration. 

The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be on October 19 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the library. 

“The pace will quicken,” said Clayton.