New zoning amendment will cover two-family houses 

By Betsy Levinson
November 9, 2023

The Planning Board is refining language for a Town Meeting article that will allow two-family or additional dwelling units. 

The article states that the board “may grant a special permit for the alteration and use of a building existing in a single residence district for not more than two dwelling units.” 

Board members said at a recent meeting that the amendment was a way to ease into allowing different types of housing, and allow seniors to age in place, as well as provide flexibility for extended families, among other benefits. 

The 2018 Envision Concord Comprehensive Long Range plan’s housing goal “encouraged renovation of existing single-family homes.” 

“It fits with where the community wants to go,” said Town Planner Elizabeth Hughes. “But we are not moving too fast.” 

“This is a good first step,” said board member Mark Giddings. 

The board will provide more detail about the zoning change before the public hearing and floor of Town Meeting in the spring so that voters will be fully informed.