Letter: The disgrace of antisemitism in Concord 

November 11, 2023

I thought Concord stood for tolerance and freedom of speech (and religion). But, sadly, some people in our town think that hate is an appropriate response to terrorism halfway around the world. But that impacts our Jewish neighbors right here in Concord. 

I cannot imagine what the Hamas attack means to Jews in our commonwealth. Or to the families and friends of all the hostages that are still missing. Where is our human compassion? 

The Hamas-Israel war is a tragedy that is claiming many victims. But the proper response to that tragedy is not hate, not antisemitism — rather compassion and dialogue. I invite the person or persons who ripped down the hostage signs in Concord Center to contact me. I would really like to talk to you and understand the reasons for your action. Dialogue must begin somewhere — so why not here in Concord? 

Antisemitism has no place in Concord, in the Commonwealth, or in our world.  

Ellen Quackenbush 

Prairie Street