Letter: Advocate for a Massachusetts flag change 

November 30, 2023

In 2020, a committee was commissioned to recommend changes to our commonwealth’s flag and motto, both of which were deemed offensive and outdated. This week, after multiple extensions and incremental funding, it was reported that the committee has disbanded without a recommendation, beyond the obvious condemnation of the status quo.  

Walking around Concord, I occasionally see the New England Revolutionary flag or Old Glory fluttering in the breeze on private homes, and often the Colorado flag on beanie hats shopping at the Concord Market. It’s about time Massachusetts had a flag our town’s citizens felt proud enough about to display on their home or to keep their head warm in the winter.  

Concord has played a central role in the history of Massachusetts, New England, the USA, and the world. Can our town summon the vexillological inspiration and common decency to create and advocate for with our legislature a flag that does our Commonwealth justice? Surely, we can. Who will join me? 

Ken Fraser 

Old Bedford Road