In praise of excellence: Andrew Herchek for School Committee

March 22, 2024

Andrew Herchek is my choice for School Committee because he is a product of the Concord schools who knows, first-hand, the excellence that has always been the hallmark of a Concord/Concord-Carlisle education. Andrew knows that excellence comes when teachers have the resources necessary to create a classroom filled with enthusiasm for learning that is contagious. Andrew understands that excellence comes with great teachers who know that, at its heart, education always is a conversation between a teacher and a student. In schools, this conversation takes place in a group setting, so teachers need classrooms that give them the opportunity to understand the needs of each student and respond to them as individuals knowing when to cajole, when to challenge, when to tease, when to encourage, when to praise, when to direct, and … when to wait. 

Andrew knows that the relationship between a student and a teacher can be transformational; it was for him, and he wants to be on the School Committee to ensure that the excellence continues for his children and all the children of Concord and Carlisle. Andrew knows that this excellence is a product of the investment that Concord has always made in its staff, in small class sizes, and in low student-teacher and student-counselor ratios which allow our children to find that special adult who will inspire them. 

Support our children. Vote for Andrew Herchek. 

Dr. Robert A. Furey, Jr. 

Conant Street