Detail needed for village vote

This reader wants to thank the Concord Bridge staff for their willingness to provide a “free” paper to the residents of Concord. In the last Oct. 28th issue, I noted more than

Disappointed in Visitors Center celebration

Dear All, I felt compelled to write in response to the recent rededication of the Concord Visitors Center. I recently went to visit my mother, Mary Johnson, and she handed me the

Support for middle school

I have been attending meetings and following the new Concord Middle School project closely, as a father and citizen. As your readers may know, after five years of hard work by many,

Leave the leaves, please

Every fall, working from home, I dread the commencement of the leaf blower: a jarring, seemingly endless whine ricocheting through the neighborhood. I reach for my earplugs, thinking about the rakes and