Bike trail to get new signs

By Betsy Levinson
November 15, 2022

At its Monday meeting, the Select Board approved signage designed by the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Advisory Committee to be placed along the trail in West Concord.

Committee co-chair Nat Welch said the signs resulted from a meeting of all the towns through which the bike trail runs, including Chelmsford, Westford, Acton, Concord, Carlisle, Sudbury and Framingham.

The September meeting found common ground around the signs. “We wanted to create uniform signage with the same look and feel,” said Welch. “One sign that will be the same for all towns.”

The signs, to be paid for by the Friends of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail, advise riders to yield to pedestrians; keep right, pass left; give audible signals when passing; and do not block the trail. Other admonishments advise wearing helmets and leashing pets.