Celeste Katz Marston News Editor

Celeste Katz Marston

Managing Editor

Celeste has covered local, state, and national news as a staff reporter for outlets including The Providence Journal, The New York Daily News and Newsweek. She is a host on non-profit WBAI FM radio, a U.S. correspondent for Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio, and a contributor to Nieman Reports, a journal of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard. Celeste has freelanced for The Boston Globe, NBC News, Hearst Magazines and more. She is a Concord resident and a graduate of Brown University.

Amy Carlton

Advertising Sales Manager

Amy is a well-known face around Concord.  She has worked in the business community for years in a variety of capacities. Her warm and engaging style makes her a natural for her current role at The Concord Bridge.   

She and her husband raised and educated their two daughters here in Concord. She is passionate about health, fitness and well-being, and has worked as a trainer, instructor, and mentor while also being actively engaged in coaching both youth and high school girls’ lacrosse. 

She pays extraordinary attention to detail and is superbly organized, and anyone spending time in a bustling newsroom appreciates these assets every day. 

Betsy Levinson


Betsy is a Concord resident and received both her bachelor and masters degrees from Boston University. She has spent a large part of her career covering Concord, serving as an editor for the Concord Journal and Littleton Independent before joining Concord Patch and Concord Contact. She has freelanced for the Boston Globe.

Jessalyn Frank

Production Manager

Jessalyn studied at Benedictine University and has been involved in professional newspaper design and production since she was a teenager. Her family owned and operated a local newspaper in Northern Illinois for 11 years before it closed during the Covid pandemic.

She started her career by helping out as an advertising designer, then taking on layout, and eventually handling all print and digital design and production. Jessalyn subsequently helped launch Chronicle Media, a Chicago-based newspaper group with 14 weekly publications, serving for five years as its production manager.

She joined The Concord Bridge staff after relocating from Chicago to Auburn, Mass. with her husband, Andrew, and children Finnegan and McKenna.