Donate to charity in the season of giving

December 15, 2022

Dear friends and citizens of Concord,

During this season of giving, we — the members of the Tax Relief and Hugh Cargill Trust Committees — write to encourage you to join us in making a charitable donation to help fellow citizens who are struggling with the costs of remaining in our town. This is our seventeenth year of reaching out to our citizens to help each other. The outpouring of generosity over these years, in donations ranging from $5 to $30,000, has been stunning.

In this time of turbulent economic news and the expected impact of the proposed middle school construction on local taxes, the need for assistance is greater than ever. Distribution of assistance, for real estate taxes or other financial help, is done confidentially by the Hugh Cargill Trust Committee, which has long experience in helping our most vulnerable neighbors. Last year’s town wide appeal increased five-fold the number of our donors, and we were able to fulfill 70 requests for assistance.

If your circumstances permit, please send a check payable to the Town of Concord, P.O.Box 535, Concord MA 01742, attention Shannon McAndrew, and indicate on the memo line how you wish your donation to be used – for real estate tax relief, for other urgent needs, or where it is needed most.  Concord thrives as a caring community that sees us all.  We wish you a happy and peaceful holiday season.

For the Tax Relief Committee: Virginia McIntyre, chair, Eric Van Loon, Jack Clymer. For the Hugh Cargill Trust Committee: Bob Abraham and Elisabeth Elden, co-chairs, Katharine Berger, Lucy Rosborough, Deena Whitfield.