To honor his father’s passing and to celebrate his own birthday, Michael William Emery headed to Hawaii. He posed in front of Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach with The Concord Bridge. The family has strong ties to the area. His uncle for whom he is named, William Friend Emery, was a Seaman 1st Class on the USS Indianapolis CA-35 and was one of 879 crewmembers who were lost at sea. After the ship delivered parts for the atomic bombs, a Japanese submarine torpedoed it in July 1945 in the Philippine Sea. In the 1950s and 1960s.. his grandparents, Lt. Cmdr. John Colvin Emery and Janet Millar Emery lived on Diamond Head Road in Honolulu.

Where’s Your Bridge?

May 4, 2023

Where do you take your Bridge? Whether you’re traveling the world, visiting a favorite spot in Concord or just reading at home, we want to see you with the paper! Send your photos to