Anna Masland weds Drew Bevis

July 14, 2023

It was indeed a rainy June in Concord …. but a brilliant sun burst through the clouds on time and long enough to light up everyone’s heart at the beautiful late afternoon garden wedding of Anna Masland, daughter of Pamela Talbot and Lawrence Masland of Concord, and Drew Bevis, son of Nancy and Dave Bevis of Nashville, Tennessee.

The ceremony, held amidst the poppies, peonies and roses in the lush garden of the Morrison homestead in Concord, was officiated by Rob Sedgwick of Stockbridge Massachusetts. Guests came from as far away as Cameroon, California, New Mexico, Arizona, New York, Tennessee, Florida (and New Hampshire!). The dinner was delicious (especially the wedding cake dessert from Concord Teacakes) and the champagne flowed. People danced until the wee hours under the wisteria and the twinkle lights in the pergola. 

Anna and Drew met at Wooster College (class of 2015), have been together since, and supported each other through their respective graduate programs (Anna’s MBA from Boston University; Drew’s MFA from UMass). Anna is presently employed as the department director of the School of Mechanical Engineering at BU. Drew works as an associate at Breakpoint Advisors, a national commercial appraisal firm with offices in Boston (when he’s not at his keyboard writing).

The couple, who live in Medford, spirited themselves away to New York City for a long weekend after a post-wedding brunch at The Colonial Inn, and are planning a longer honeymoon somewhere fun in the near future.