Olin Waters, Erik Waters, Alden Waters (in front), Amy Forrer, Elsa Waters -- and a photo-bombing Galapagos Sea Lion -- pose with The Bridge on a visit to the Galapagos Islands earlier this year.

Where is The Concord Bridge? Check out our interactive map!

By Jennifer Lord Paluzzi jenn@theconcordbridge.org
July 28, 2023

Back when we first launched The Concord Bridge last October, we noticed an immediate trend in our inboxes — people kept sending us photos of themselves reading our paper.

We stuck a few in the Page 2 Grapevine and asked for more, suggesting that readers take us on their next vacation.

Just look at what you did…

Here it is, the constantly updating Google Map. Click on a “CB” and check out where Concordians have roamed, clutching The Bridge in their hands.

But remember — you don’t have to travel to Antarctica to take a picture of yourself with The Bridge (but if you do, could you perhaps remember to take the photo?). We love knowing that you’re enjoying your local paper.

The challenge: Who among you will be the first to post The Concord Bridge on the Bridge that inspired the name?

Send your Bridge photos to jenn@theconcordbridge.org