Olin Waters, Erik Waters, Alden Waters (in front), Amy Forrer, Elsa Waters -- and a photo-bombing Galapagos Sea Lion -- pose with The Bridge on a visit to the Galapagos Islands earlier this year.

Where is The Concord Bridge? Check out our interactive map!

By Jennifer Lord Paluzzi
July 28, 2023

Back when we first launched The Concord Bridge last October, we noticed an immediate trend in our inboxes — people kept sending us photos of themselves reading our paper.

We stuck a few in the Page 2 Grapevine and asked for more, suggesting that readers take us on their next vacation.

Just look at what you did…

Here it is, the constantly updating Google Map. Click on a “CB” and check out where Concordians have roamed, clutching The Bridge in their hands.

But remember — you don’t have to travel to Antarctica to take a picture of yourself with The Bridge (but if you do, could you perhaps remember to take the photo?). We love knowing that you’re enjoying your local paper.

The challenge: Who among you will be the first to post The Concord Bridge on the Bridge that inspired the name?

Send your Bridge photos to