Police Log: September 7 — 13, 2023

September 21, 2023

Thursday, Sept. 7 

6:16 a.m. A motorist reported the traffic lights at Sudbury Road and Thoreau Street were out. Police found no issues with the signal. 

7:01 a.m. A passerby on Stow and Everett Streets reported an injured rabbit. Animal Control was notified. 

8:31 a.m. Numerous calls came in from residents of Musketaquid Road and Elm Street about speeding cars. A speed board was deployed. 

9:21 a.m. Police reported multiple cars parked on Laurel Street that were pulled over insufficiently and causing a hazard near Alcott School. The improperly parked cars received tickets. 

11:48 a.m. A caller reported a car with a dog left inside in the lot behind Debra’s Natural Gourmet on Commonwealth Avenue. The dog did not appear to be in distress. Police did not find the vehicle. 

1:02 p.m. Numerous calls reported the green traffic lights were not functioning at the intersection of Thoreau Street and Sudbury Road. The municipal light plant responded. 

4:10 p.m. A caller reported a goat in the middle of Hawthorne Lane. Animal control was notified. A neighbor said the goat was from a goat farm on the street. Police found three goats in the backyard. The owner retrieved the stray goat and returned it to the yard. 

4:44 p.m. A Westvale Drive resident reported two men going door to door asking for water. Police spoke to the men, who were speaking with residents about solar energy. Police told them there is no soliciting in town. 

5 p.m. A passerby on Thoreau Street reported the light was malfunctioning at Sudbury Road. Public Works was notified. 

8:25 p.m. A person dropped off a wallet found at White Pond. Police left a message for the owner, who picked it up at the station. 

Friday, Sept. 8 

7:25 a.m. Police responded to a NEMLEC (Northeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council) callout in Chelmsford. 

8:25 a.m. Police reported an extremely low-hanging branch on Virginia Road and Quail Run Drive. Public Works was notified. 

9:05 a.m. A caller reported an ongoing issue with unknown individuals breaking glass in front of a store on Walden Street. Public Works cleaned up the broken glass in the parking lot. 

10:31 a.m. A person walked into the station to report she was the victim of a scam attempt. No money was lost. 

12:32 p.m. Police investigated a minor crash on Commonwealth Avenue and Laws Brook Road. 

2:33 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Trees and power lines were reported down on Elm and West Streets; Central, Liberty, Lowell Roads; Harrington Avenue and Nimrod Drive. A tree fell on an unoccupied car outside Nosh Restaurant. Public Works handled the calls. 

3:38 p.m. A caller from Middlesex School on Lowell Road reported a car hit a hydrant, then left the area. The Water Department was notified. 

4:35 – 5:10 p.m. Trees and wires were reported in the road on College Road, Prairie Street, and Barnes Hill and Ball’s Hill Roads. 

Saturday, Sept. 9 

9:22 a.m. Police reported a car blocking the vendor unloading area on Main Street for Ag Day. The car’s owner was contacted. 

9:53 a.m. A caller reported his vehicle was hit in the parking lot of Walden Italian Kitchen the day before. Police assisted with a paper exchange. 

11:41 a.m. A detail officer was advised of a blue BMW running for two hours in the Keyes Road municipal lot with no one inside. The car was locked with keys inside and appeared to have been started remotely. 

12:55 p.m. A wallet was found at Bedford Farms with personal items inside. Police held onto it while the owner was contacted and retrieved it. 

1:03 p.m. A resident of Crowell Farm Road reported a verbal altercation with a bicyclist on Cambridge Turnpike. The resident said she passed the cyclist with ample room near Millbrook Farm, but the cyclist shouted after her and then caught up to her and struck her passenger window with his fist at the stop sign. 

1:11 p.m. A call came in from Court Lane saying while he and his wife were bicycling down Court Lane a dark-colored GMC drove very close to them and swerved at them, yelling profanities and orders to get off the road. Police were unable to find the car. 

6:41 p.m. A power outage was reported on Deaconess Road. The light plant restored power to Newbury Court. 

Sunday, Sept. 10 

2:21 p.m. State Police were called to a three-car accident on Route 2 and Old Road to Nine Acre Corner involving a moped, a Honda Civic and a GMC pickup truck. The moped was not registered. 

8:20 a.m. Police were called to Nathan Pratt Drive regarding an ongoing issue of cars parking in the handicap spot. Police advised that the lot is private and property management is responsible for any further action. 

11:09 a.m. An Old Marlboro Road resident had a dog appear on her deck that looked like he’d been out for a few days. The dog’s owner retrieved it from the station. 

Monday, Sept. 11 

3:13 a.m. A 911 call came in from a Central Street resident saying she saw a man enter the garage, walk out and get into a small SUV. Police reported similar attempts to gain entry to multiple vehicles in the area. Following that, a Frances Street resident said her car was stolen during the night. Later that morning, calls came in from Old Stow Road and Prairie and Shirley Streets, reporting multiple cars had been broken into and rummaged. 

8:38 a.m. A bus was stuck on Strawberry Hill Road due to a low-hanging wire which had snapped. The wires were removed. 

Tuesday, Sept. 12 

9:51 a.m. Police received a report of a horse stuck in a fence line on Route 2 at the Acton line. Acton police, Animal Control and State Police were advised. 

11:31 a.m. An employee of Crosby’s Marketplace reported a silver moped had been parked outside for over a week and a half. Police left a message for the owner, who removed it. 

3:32 p.m. An Eaton Street resident reported a fraudulent Facebook Marketplace post. 

6:05 p.m. Police investigated the burglary of a car on Riverside Avenue. 

8:08 p.m. A 911 call came in about a blue pickup truck that was swerving over the double yellow line on Bedford Road and across both lanes into the grass on the opposite side of the road. The vehicle traveled into Bedford, where local police were notified. 

Wednesday, Sept. 13 

1:30 a.m. A car ran out of gas on ORNAC and by the time the driver contacted a friend to bring a gas can, the car’s battery died. The car was secured off the road and one person was transported to CareOne on ORNAC and Route 2. 

2:56 a.m. Police arrested a driver on Route 2 westbound at the rotary and charged them with alcohol-related offences. Scott Motors took over the car and the driver was transported to the station. 

7:36 a.m. Police issued a summons to a motorist for a two-car collision on Sudbury Road at Fitchburg Turnpike. The operator of one car was cited for failure to use care in stopping and for operating an unlicensed vehicle. 

9:40 a.m. Police investigated the theft of a bicycle at Willard School overnight. 

9:45 a.m. A resident of Annursnac Hill Road called Animal Control about a lethargic raccoon in her yard. 

5:25 p.m. a passerby on Annursnac Hill Road reported an injured raccoon. Animal Control was notified.