Carlisle Police officers, along with members of the Carlisle Fire Department, rescue Zena the black labrador from the cranberry bog. (Photo Courtesy Carlisle Police Department)

Dog drowning averted at Great Brook Farm cranberry bog

October 8, 2023

CARLISLE — Zena, a 3-year-old black Labrador retriever, was standing on her hind legs in Great Brook Farm State Park, struggling to keep her nose just above water.

The dog, exhausted from her hour-long struggle in the flooded culvert alongside a cranberry bog, was rescued Saturday, Oct. 7 at 5 p.m. by Great Brook Farm owner Mark Duffy and the Carlisle Police Department.

Sgt. Kerry Baxter and Deputy Chief Andrew Booth, with assistance from members of the Carlisle Fire Department, worked to free the dog. Officers also collaborated with Duffy, owner of Great Brook Farm, during the rescue. Great Brook Farm is privately operated within Great Brook Farm State Park.

Duffy inserted wooden planks into the culvert to slow the rushing water. Once the water was diverted, responders could see Zena standing on her hind legs to keep her head above the surface. Rescuers used a fire department pike pole to hook onto Zena’s harness and pull her out of the water. Zena was approximately five feet below the land surface when she was rescued.

After being pulled from the water, Zena was taken to the emergency veterinarian hospital for treatment. She is now home resting and recuperating with her family.

“The Carlisle Police and Fire Departments displayed outstanding teamwork in their efforts to save Zena the black lab, who was trapped for approximately one hour,” said Chief Andrew Amendola. “We hope she has a speedy recovery.”