Letter: Three drove West Concord depot revival  

November 5, 2023

In the 1980’s the depot, a privately owned failed pizza restaurant, was boarded up (along with 30 percent of the stores). Commuters waited miserably in the rain and snow. The building was in imminent danger of being torn apart by the next private owner. The dream of restoring it to a working train station was part of the long-range plan, but the work of these three people made the dream come true. 

Barbara Ramsey: the driving force behind rallying dozens to the call and for its listing on the National Register of Historical Places. 

Mari Weinberg: made thousands of calls, wrote hundreds of letters, and met everyone until they agreed to do whatever was needed. Mari got the MBTA funding, the proposed chain link fence and floodlights changed to the wrought iron picket-style fence and the charming crook-neck lights we see today. Mari also had the dirt lot beside it set aside for the lovely Junction Park. 

Lou Hills: coordinator of information and complex communications. He directed me to scour archives in Lowell where I found the depot’s history, original color scheme, building plans and newspaper articles about its 1894 grand opening. 

Yes, they had the help of many: local citizens, MBTA, State Rep. Carol Amick and others, but these core three spent six years to save the station and reopen it with a restored interior. They made it possible for a second group to restore the exterior in 2008. Many thanks to Carol Dwyer for her steadfast support and making the recently rediscovered video so the joy of this achievement would be recorded for posterity. 

The 1989 reopening began the revival of the WC Village to become the treasure it is today. May the contributions of Barbara, Mari and Lou always be remembered! 

L. Michelle V. Touw 

Laws Brook Road