Letter: Replace historical markers with accurate story 

November 18, 2023

I understand why the Select Board voted to cover up three historical markers, but I hope they will move quickly to replace them with markers with more acceptable wording. 

Let’s admit our ancestors took the land of the Musketaquid and gave them “gifts” of relatively little value in return. Visitors should know that a free-flowing stream once ran through Concord Center. It was the site of a Musketaquid fishing weir and, when dammed, the beginning of Concord’s long (and easily forgotten) industrial history. 
Finally, let’s reword and quickly replace the sign that shows where the colonists built their first homes. Call them English colonists (they were) but let’s also show that they understood passive solar principles before the term was invented. The ridge insulated those early homes from the cold north wind, while the southern orientation made the most of available solar heat. 

Frank Feeley 

Emerson Street