Seventh grader Dylan Harrison-Smith of the student building committee speaks during a “topping off” ceremony for the new Concord Middle School, December 8, 2023. Ken McGagh for The Concord Bridge

What do YOU want to name the new Concord Middle School?

January 11, 2024

The Concord School Committee is asking the public to suggest or recommend names for the Concord Middle School.

The new middle school, scheduled to open during the next school year, has drawn speculation over its eventual name. Suggestions should be emailed to the School Committee chair at by January 23.

Submissions should:

  • Specify the intent of the requestor
  • The reasons why this particular name would fit the facility
  • Provide appropriate background information on the person or organization after which the facility will be named
  • An offer of a financial contribution to the School District may accompany the naming request, but the School Committee is not obligated to accept or reject a name based upon financial considerations alone. Philanthropic contributions in support of the School District are encouraged by the School Committee.

All submissions will be announced at the January 23 meeting, followed by a two-week public comment period. Public comment should be made via email to

A 40-minute public comment hearing will take place before the Concord School Committee meeting on February 6. 

“To those of you who have already emailed or made public comments, your emails and public comments will be included in our consideration,” the School Committee wrote in a public notice. “We do not recommend sending an additional email or making an additional public comment. We hope to hear from as many citizens as possible throughout this process, but want to make sure you all know that the voices who have spoken to date will be fully included in the consideration process.”