Letter: Larner seeks Concord Housing Authority re-election 

January 26, 2024

I seek a third term as board member of the Concord Housing Authority (CHA), believing that housing is a top priority in keeping Concord a wonderful and desirable community. My expertise is a background in finance and insurance, now serving the board as treasurer. I also serve on the Community Preservation Committee. 

I am committed to developing consensus on the board. Consensus became an issue in 2017 when a flurry of housing warrant items came up at Town Meeting, specifically the Junction Village Assisted Living development and three tax and fee proposals on residential housing. The CHA held a joint meeting for public comment before the Town Meeting vote. Junction Village was subsequently approved by a slim margin. The tax and fee items were amended for further study. All the housing groups continue meeting jointly, as the Housing Roundtable. 

Recent housing crises are primarily zoning issues — two 40B projects to build multi-unit residences on Baker Avenue and Forest Ridge Road. Second is MBTA Communities, rezoning specified areas within half-mile from our rail stations. The CHA mission statement includes advocating for affordable housing. It is best that Concord continues to be a town of diversity with housing for middle- and lower-income residents. 

At the age of 80, my only advantage is time — I’m retired. I run to remain part of the greater housing community, diligently working to make Concord a town where everyone is welcome. Isn’t that what it means to be concordant? 

Edward Larner 

Elsinore Street