Letter: Here’s an idea for the MCI-Concord property’s future 

February 24, 2024

I have an idea for the prison land. Let’s create a new town center modeled after downtown Concord and West Concord. Dense, one-two story buildings (with the design influenced by our own Ann Sussman) that is mixed use and entirely walkable. In fact, I’d support a Georgian tax on the land if the state does not retain ownership to keep the place affordable for our children. 

Concord has been experimental in the past (Conantum) and there are plenty of examples of controlled development that is people-centric. If King Charles could pull off Poundbury in 1989, why can’t Concord’s greatest minds come up with an innovative plan that personifies our town rather than just generates revenue? 

I for one am not looking forward to another office park of glass blocks that represent the “highest and best use,” because it’s not. The highest and best use should enrich the lives of everyone in the town. Either we define it or a developer will. 

Brad Rosse 

Peter Spring Road