Town, FinCom warn of fiscal instability

June 17, 2023
By Jesse Floyd Correspondent Finance Committee member Lois Wasoff kicked off Town Meeting with a presentation carrying a simple warning: Budgetary priorities must change or the town could end up foundationally different.

Town officials draft Zoning Overlay District

June 14, 2023
By Abby Kaufman Correspondent  In response to a 2021 state law, town officials are drafting a zoning overlay district for the two village centers to focus on allowing multi-family housing near Concord’s

Firefighters Niemi and Cotoni receive promotions

May 18, 2023
Fire Chief Thomas Judge and the Concord Fire Department would like to congratulate Lt. Todd Niemi and Capt. Keith Cotoni on their new positions in the department.Niemi joined the Concord Fire Department

Mark Howell elected to Select Board

March 28, 2023
They’re neighbors and colleagues who ran against each other. On Tuesday, one was elected to serve on the Select Board. Mark Howell outpolled Karlen Reed almost two to one, garnering 1,229 votes

An Interview with State Senator Michael J. Barrett

February 16, 2023
This is the first of a series of interviews The Concord Bridge is conducting with our state legislators. Interviews with State Representatives Simon Cataldo (D-14th Middlesex) and Carmine Gentile (D-13th Middlesex) will

The Concord Bridge will not accept paid political ads

February 16, 2023
In response to many inquiries, The Concord Independent Foundation’s Board of Directors has set out the policy for political advertisements appearing in The Concord Bridge. Our commitment to serving the whole community
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