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Letter: Is a cell tower at CCHS a good idea?

June 29, 2023
People living and working near cell towers suffer direct, often debilitating, health effects. Legal battles linger, pitting government officials against the citizens in harm’s way. Yet, the Concord-Carlisle School District has invited

Letter: Climate change risk is real

June 29, 2023
I applaud The Bridge for taking on the subject of how climate change can and probably will affect Concord and look forward to future articles on this topic. Information about flooding, fire,

The Distinction between Need and Want

June 23, 2023
In a recent front page banner headline in The Concord Bridge, it reported that Massport claimed a need to expand facilities for private jets at Hanscom Field, adding 27 new hangars, each

Letter: North Airfield development not equitable

June 23, 2023
Given that the science is clear that the emissions from burning fossil fuels are threatening the viability of our beautiful planet….and given that historical and sociological research has exposed with shocking clarity
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