Concord transplant is growing roots

I would like to thank you, your staff and fellow visionaries for the wonderful, first issue of “The Concord Bridge” I received yesterday. The photography and articles were very interesting and made

Creating a culture of anti-racism

Concord school officials and educators are taking steps to promote inclusion and a sense of belonging among diverse students in the district through a variety of programs, both old and new. The

Old yellowwood is true giving tree

The beloved old tree in our backyard is dying. An American Yellowwood– Cladrastis kentukea– it was probably planted at the time our house was built, over 125 years ago. At 55 feet

Time Outdoors – Rivers run through it

Wilson Kerr lives in Concord and is an avid outdoorsman and amateur naturalist. This monthly column is written to help grow awareness of the wonders of nature. In this increasingly fast-paced and

Concord, come cross The Bridge

You’ve heard the rumor: local journalism is dying. We beg to differ. Welcome to The Concord Bridge, created by Concord people for Concord people, with an eye toward informing readers about the

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