Safety for everyone — including on bikes

December 9, 2022

In her recent letter, Carolyn Davies raised concerns about bicycle riders riding on the sidewalk. I regularly ride a bicycle on the roads around Concord, Acton and Carlisle, usually on the side of the road at a safe distance from the automobiles passing me. In my experience bicycle riders prefer riding on the road and are most likely on the sidewalk in a few places out of necessity, not preference.

There are a number of places in Concord where the narrowness of the road does not provide a safe distance from the automobile traffic. The road on Main Street into West Concord over the Assabet River bridge is one example. Another is along the side of Lowell Road heading toward Carlisle where the safe riding area virtually disappears. Another is on Sudbury Road between Route 2 and the area before the bridge over the Sudbury River. The sidewalk there is bumpy but it is probably much safer than the narrow roadway.

I certainly believe that when riding on a sidewalk a bicycle rider should dismount and give any walkers on the sidewalk the right of way.

Paul Jameson