LETTER: Disturbed by Hanscom private jet story

February 2, 2023

I’ve really enjoyed reading the Concord Bridge but was very dismayed by the January 27 edition front-page article “Private jet rentals take off at Hanscom.” This was a corporate advertisement that masqueraded as journalism and should never have graced the front of The Bridge. It was disturbing  to highlight how an undoubtedly small elite that can afford almost $7000/hour for private jet travel now don’t even have to “mix with people in the Hanscom terminal” (which no one would ever mistake for a terminal at Logan). This article seemed to be the exact opposite of the “plane shaming” movement that has swept Europe as the article glorified the supposed benefits of private jet travel while ignoring its horrible impact on climate change and the broader environment.

Instead, I suggest that the Bridge do an in-depth story on the various detrimental effects of Hanscom corporate and private jet traffic and the especially obnoxious flight school aircraft (the latter using leaded aviation gas) and the severe noise pollution it causes all over Concord — especially for us that live in the Great Meadows area. There are undoubtedly negative effects on wildlife in the refuge as well —  not to mention ruining serene walks in Great Meadows as the jets line up one after another and cross the refuge for either take of or landing.

Please The Bridge do better next time and focus attention on the scourge that Hanscom has become for Concord residents.

Ira N. Goldman

Monsen Road