Letter: ‘Mark knows the town and its recent history very well’

March 16, 2023

We enthusiastically write this letter in support of Mark Howell for the Select Board. We know Mark primarily through First Parish where he generously gave of his time to many aspects of church life.

One February afternoon we were on the team hosting a large forum on the issue of family homelessness with several state representatives and senators coming. Our person in charge of technology—including the sound system and managing the slide shows for six speakers—fell through at the last minute. We did not know Mark well in those days but had seen him in the balcony managing the sound system for the Sunday services. I called him at home and asked if he was free to come set up and stay for a three-hour forum. He did not hesitate. The forum went off smoothly.

We watched Mark at many town meetings, as member and chair of the Finance Committee, and as IT person. His demeanor was always calm and respectful, and he was always prepared. And we practically danced in the streets when the town, under Mark’s direction, got Broadband and we could tear up our contract with an internet provider that shall not be named.

We can see from reading the letters that have appeared in The Concord Bridge in support of Mark’s candidacy that our experiences with Mark are consistent with others in town who have worked with him in town government or on volunteer projects.

Mark knows the town and its recent history very well and has connections with many citizens as well as people in town government. He will represent those who agree with him and those who do not with equal respect and with a genuine interest in learning from them.

Please vote for Mark on March 28.

Jane and Burce Blumberg

Lowell Road